Yoga For Stressed-out People Who Spend a Lot of time Sitting

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A short yoga flow if you sit a lot at work and if you are under pressure. You can do this flow in three minutes by just staying shortly in the postures or in up to ten minutes by repeating a few postures or staying longer in certain postures. Always breathe through the nose in order to purify the incoming air and to keep the life energy inside. Don’t strain, smile and enjoy the stretch. For physical and mental health, it would be great to do the flow twice a day or to introduce a yoga break in your company. Check out the yoga page for more information on

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Kerstin Brenner

Take a yoga break

If you feel a drop in energy it’s tempting have some food, a drink or coffee. Now, using 15 minutes per day to practice yoga could boost your energy and change your mood (and your health) in many ways.

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