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I know that taking care of yourself
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Just say NO

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Experience the power of relaxation
and grounding through



Experience the power of relaxation
and grounding through


My yoga classes are adapted to different levels. You will just go as far as your body allows. You will get to know and accept your limits. No straining. We will stay quite some time in the posture for it to have a deep effect. The focus is on breathing, the wellbeing provided by the posture, and the inner withdrawal. 

Relaxing counter-postures and postures are as important as the “regular” postures.

I believe there is a strong correlation between yoga and life. Do you accept to go with your condition and your limits? Do you breathe at every instant? Do you stay calm and peaceful, whatever happens? Do you at least try to come back to this inner state when you lost it?

If not, try my yoga classes.

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In 2019 I got pretty sick.

Afterwards, I asked myself about the reasons. Aristotle said that every illness has multifactorial reasons, so I detected the physical ones and started to think about the psychological ones. That’s when I realized that customers I was training usually expected a very mental orientation. However, since I’m little, I’ve always believed in the intelligence of the body, in our feelings, in meditation, and in the importance of physical activity.

So I decided to integrate everything I have been passionate about for decades in my professional life: dance, yoga, the intelligence of the body, mindfulness, meditation.

I got a certification as a yoga teacher in India (RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance), and also trained as a mindfulness and ‘awareness through movement’ teacher. In 2020, I started a certification as a Feldenkrais teacher.

Now, when I see the participants in a really relaxed state after a session of yoga, mindfulness, or stress management, it fulfills me completely. I just have one wish: that they can keep this relaxed state in their lives or that they achieve coming back to it whenever necessary. 

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