Consulting - Be and become

…. so that you fully embrace who you are,

… so that you strive towards who you want to become.

I am a coach and facilitor
who loves to train you via videoconference or face-to-face.

I work worldwide, and I live in Barcelona and Paris

I began my professional career as an interpreter and translator, then as a project manager.

I discovered and have dealt with a wide variety of environments, from the most technical industries to the highest managerial and governmental spheres.

While exercising my talents as an interpreter I became interested in communication.

Following a training in intercultural communication and a certificate in business coaching and in career coaching, I became a consultant in interpersonal and intercultural communication and teambuilding.

I then became heavily involved in the management of intercultural risks related to mergers and acquisitions, conflict resolution and cultural values and attitudes.

I have worked frequently on communication and management, in key areas such as public speaking, team cohesion, (virtual) leadership and online meetings.

I use the Personnality profile AEC and the Intercultural profiles TIP and IP.

In order to provide further assistance in conflict situations, I obtained a University Diploma in Mediation at the University Panthéon Assass, Paris.

In 2018 I decided to add to my professional life what I passionately love in my private life : mindfulness, yoga, dance, meditation, relaxation and stress management, non-violent communication. I obtained the Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Certification and will have completed the RYT 500 certification by October 2021.

Now I am offering seminars in those fields and include the insights in all my training and coaching activities.

Diploma as conference interpreter and in economics FIM Munich, Germany. University degree (Master 2) in mediation Panthéon Assas, Paris, France
Certified trainer, certified coach, Public speaking certification, AEC personality profile certification, Intercultural Profile certification, Yoga teacher certification. Mindfulness and Feldenkrais certification ongoing.
Dancing, acting, meditation, yoga teaching, healthy living and contributing to the growth of people.
Helping people to accept who they are - with their talents and their limits - and to strive to become what they want to become in a mindful manner.
Stepping back, empathy, creativity, agility, caring.
Parisian love for change meets Barcelona start-up mentality and German discipline: I grew up and studied in Germany, then I worked and lived 23 years in France, 2 years in the UK and am now based in Spain since 2015. I provide trainings in English, Spanish, French and German.
Multinational groups, smaller companies, start-ups, individuals and Business Schools. I work mainly in the major European cities with international participants or in my No Stress Studio just 10 metres from the beach in Barcelona. In my office, you will feel, see and hear the energy of the sea.
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Kerstin Brenner

I train and coach in English, French, Spanish, and German.


My solar side, empathy, strategic vision, pragmatism, human rapport, intuition and agility, as well as the interactivity in my sessions.

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