IPI - Intercultural 1

Intercultural Training


Getting insights about the culture, codes, behaviours and values of the specific country. 
Defining and leveraging situations that might be perceived as problematic for one’s own culture.


Being reassured with respect to the DO’s and DON’Ts and the ways how to fully integrate in the new country.

6 hours - videoconference


4 x 1,5 h

2 x 3 h

“Living and working in Spain”
“Living and working in France”
“Living and working in Germany/Austria/Switzerland”

IPI - Intercultural 2

IPI - The international profiler indicator + Debrief of the questionnaire and action plan


Discovering intercultural skills for working worldwide in general.
Gaining more self-awareness about one’s own intercultural skills in an intercultural environment.

*The International Profiler: is a web-based psychometric questionnaire and personal feedback process which reveals the relative emphasis, attention and energy which individuals bring to a set of 10 international competencies—with 22 associated skills, attitudes and areas of knowledge.


Defining the intercultural skills the person has and how to take them to a level of excellence.
Defining the skills the person wants to put more focus on with respect to his/her challenges.
Defining an individual road-map with adapted smart goals and tasks to develop the skills which will help the person to perform better and easier in his/her job.


Getting a clear analysis and self-awareness for the new non-technical intercultural challenges and the most helpful skills.
Enable agile, efficient and serene behaviours in the new work environment.

1:30 Hour - Videoconference

90 €

IPI - Intercultural 1

Global cultural awareness


– What is cultural awareness?
– Cultural values and attitudes (time, space, group dynamics, authority, tasks, relationships).
– Separate cultural differences and individual differences
– Impact of culture on communication.
– Cultural variables and how they play out in business-related situations.
– Cross-cultural management skills.
– Working efficiently across cultures: How to bridge the gaps and how to leverage the different skills in a team.
– Language issues.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

– Have a better awareness about their own culture and what distinguishes it from other cultures.
– Acknowledge the language and the mentality barrier.
– Understand cultural differences and their impact on communication and ways of working in their teams.
– Get insights on personal strengths and areas for improvement in working across cultures.
– Define the key skills in order to bridge the cultural gaps.

6 hours - videoconference

4 x 1,5 h or 2 x 3 h

Price € ??

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IPI - Intercultural 4

Kerstin Brenner

I train and coach in German, English, French and Spanish.

Intercultural Profiler Licence, London
Coach certification in Barcelona
Master PNL Practicioner degree in Barcelona, 
Business Coach Certification in Paris, Linkup, France
Mediator Diploma in Paris, Sorbonne-Assass, France
Lettres Modernes Diploma in Paris, Sorbonne
Psychotherapy Studies, Paris, France
Interpreters Diploma in Munich, Germany
Proficiency Diploma in London

25 years of experience in the Business World